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FAQ - 5sec Validator
  • a must have for any SEO aware webmaster
  • uses industry-standard validator from W3C
  • validate any post, page, category or custom page
  • detailed error and warnings reports

Will it work on my theme?

Yes! 5sec Validator works with all themes.

Will it work with my plugins?

Yes! 5sec Validator works with all plugins.

Will this plugin slow my site down?

No. Validator has absolutely no affect on the site speed.

Will it change/fix my pages?

No! Validator is a read-only plugin. It wont make any changes.

How many URL can I validate?

As far as the plugin goes there are no limitations. There are however limits imposed by the W3C service server but they are very high.

I’m getting a “bad response from W3C” message

If your server is very slow it might take more than 30 seconds (which is the default timeout) to validate each page. Timeout can be increased by opening “5sec-validator.php” and by editing the “WF_VALIDATOR_HTTP_REQUEST_TIMEOUT” constant on line #18.

I’m still getting the “bad response from W3C” message

The page you’re testing is probably not accessible or W3C service is temporarily down.